IGM Overview

IGM has a spirit and passion for providing pristine golf conditions unmatched in the golf course maintenance industry.



IGM has a clear understanding of how quality golf course conditions impact the success of a course. IGM’s buying power among the industry’s top industry vendors and the access to new products and cutting edge technology allows IGM to offer a maintenance service unmatched in the industry. Oftentimes, IGM is able to provide golf course maintenance services at a substantial savings as compared to historical spending! 



Golf Ventures, IGM’s one-stop golf course supply company, specializes in agronomic products and possesses the ability to offer competitive pricing. This allows IGM to offer customers the ability to stretch their budget.  IGM's strategic alliance with Golf Ventures' cutting edge technology and newly developed products helps keep your property steps ahead of the competition.  They are able to offer savings through their network of exclusive partnerships with industry leaders including:



  • Jacobsen Golf - Turf and Specialty Equipment
  • Textron Financial Corporation
  • Helena - Plant Protectants, Fertilizers and Seed
  • Grigg Brothers - Specialty Products
  • Nutramax - Biofertilizers
  • Standard Accessory Products
  • ParAide Accessory Products
  • Planet Air - Non-Disruptive Aeration Equipment
  • True Surface - Greens Smoothing Equipment
  • Turfco - Renovation Equipment





At IGM, we’ve set a standard for excellence unmatched in the industry. Customers visiting a IGM-maintained facility can expect an experience that will exceed their expectations.