Tees Line Improvement

The Eagles Golf Club, Odessa, Florida

Existing Situation: The 14th tee on the Forest course was located in a highly shaded area and the turf was competing with the tree roots. Also, the area was experiencing poor air circulation. All of these factors helped created a very thin and weak turf, which in turn led to algae formation and weed infestation.
Action Plan:  IGM performed root and selective limb pruning to reduce competition for water and nutrition and increase exposure to the sunlight. The crew also relocated adjacent shrubbery to increase air movement. After recontouring the shape of the tee, mowing height was raised in the weakest areas which, along with fertility and irrigation practices, improved the vigor and density of the turf. Post emergent herbicides were applied to control the existing weeds and a pre emergent herbicide strategy was developed to reduce future weed pressure.

End Result: There has been a significant improvement in the turf quality, leading to a weed free tee with greater playability and aesthetics. Other areas of the course were experiencing the same problems, but with IGM's action plans, the customer is very happy with the improvement of the course conditions.