Putting Green - 100 Yard Zone

Highland Fairways Golf Course, Lakeland, FL

Existing Situation: The 10,000 sq ft practice green deteriorated due to the 18-year old mutated Tifdwarf turf.  Many of the mutated areas had a thatch build-up of up to 3" that was not allowing water too reach soil root zone, actually making the zone hydrophobic. Not only is this the Club's putting green, but it is also in the Club's 100 yard zone, a high traffic area for all visitors.
Action Plan:  In order to regain a consistent soil profile throughout the entire practice green without rebuilding nor spending excessive manhours and money, IGM began correcting the issue through corrective turf management practices. Through numerous steps of verticutting, aerifying, and applying proper chemicals, the crew was starting to see a soil profile instead of a thatch profile. After seven weeks, the process was finally complete with the only real expense being the labor involved. 

End Result:  For the first time in 18 years, Highland Fairways finally has a consistent  soil profile across the entire area. The Club was extremely pleased with their new and greatly improved putting surface while raising the aesthetics for the Club's 100 yard zone.

Table of Contents

1 - IGM Golf Course Maintenance Success Stories
2 - IGM - Greens Rescue
3 - Putting Green - 100 Yard Zone
4 - Tees Line Improvement
5 - Golf Course Aesthetics