IGM - Greens Rescue

Del Tura Golf Club, Fort Myers, Florida

Existing Situation: #8 green on the North Course was closed after it started experiencing a void in turf as a result of poor past maintenance practices. The previous practice included adding organic material to push up greens and overwatering the playing areas.

Action Plan: Due to limited funds, IGM was unable to resod nor sprig the green area. To stay within the budgetary constraints, IGM used cup cutter plugs to correct the area instead. By using plugs from other greens, intensifying fertility and hand watering the area to prevent any algae, IGM was able to completely regrow the turf to cover the area.

End Result: The green is reopened for play with a new hearty turfgrass. IGM continues to correct the poor maintenance practices from prior staff through aerification of the greens to remove excess organic build-up. Applications of proper sand with PSA are being applied to further correct the issue.