International Golf Maintenance, IGM, was founded in 1994, since then IGM has become the nation’s leading provider of outsourced golf course maintenance services. We have built our business by continually delivering better than expected golf course conditions within our customer’s budget constraints. We incorporate all the resources – personnel, materials, supplies, and equipment – into an annual maintenance program that is custom designed for each customer’s facility. For owners and developers of new golf courses, we offer no-hassle, golf course establishment programs designed to get the golf course in top shape and ready for play. 

Management Structure
To accommodate its large portfolio of courses, IGM has developed a unique maintenance structure that allows for optimum performance at all levels: 
  • Golf Course Superintendent – Oversee all day-to-day operations at one club and act as the front line of communication with customers. The Superintendent reports to the designated Regional Superintendent or Regional Manager in their area.
  • Regional Superintendent – Supervise approximately five courses in a designated region. The Regional Superintendent acts as the support mechanism for all Superintendents in their region. Regional Superintendents also have strong relations with the customers to ensure all their needs are met on an ongoing basis.
  • Regional Manager – Responsible for overall management of approximately 10 courses in a region spanning over a larger geographic area. The Regional Manager’s responsibility includes attending board assemblies, meeting with customers, etc. Regional Managers report directly to the Vice President of Operations. This position is not attached to a single club. 



At IGM, all regional personnel have the skills in place that offer our customers the professionalism and knowledge required to ensure complete satisfaction for the customer. Mandatory skills include:
  • Previous position as a Superintendent with extensive education in all aspects of agronomic practices
  • Ability to manage peers with understanding
  • Training in the best business practice and outstanding communication skills
  • Attending programs and seminars for continuing education units (CEUs) on an ongoing basis 
In addition to the field personnel mentioned above, an administrative, human resources, accounting, and information technology departments are in place to assist with all day-to-day needs of IGM Superintendents and Regionals, allowing them to focus more time on the course and less on the paperwork.